Commission TOS

▸Animals, anthro, and feral only
▸I will accept nsfw, gore, and triggering content at my discretion
▸List prices are a base! Additional fees are added for complex designs and add-ons.
▸Payments are upfront unless we discuss otherwise.
▸I have the right to refuse a commission.
▸No refunds if I am past the flat color stage. Before that stage, you will be refunded for the things I have not finished.
▸I will only send previews during the concept phase after that they need to be requested.
▸Edits after you have okayed the final product will have a $10 for every edit.
▸Edits before I am finished at free.

Marz Commissions

Character Design

--Bust Design- $50-$75- semi-symmetrical
-- Full Body Design $75-150
-No bases. price ranges depending on complexity, shading, and accessories.


▸HeyItsEmmett- YCH26#7-paid
▸Kinsou2- shaded fb- paid
▸Zu-Nasr- YCH28#2-flat-
▸Miss-Hades- YCH30-paid
▸Hazuki89-YCH29- paid

Non-Commission Queue